Escape Husvagn


An escape room is an experience. Originally, they were set in locked rooms, where you as a team would work together, look for clues, figure them out and find the way to escape within a certain time limit. In Escape Husvagn, although you still might stumble upon some locks, the mission is not to escape but to locate and stop a bomb before one hour has passed.

Playing Escape Husvagn is a great kind of team building and you must work together to succeed the challenge. Whether you are playing with your friend, colleague, partner, child, parent, sibling, neighbor, uncle, BFF or even a stranger, you will exit the caravan as a stronger team than before you entered.



You will get instructions and a background story told to you outside the caravan. After that you'll be let into the caravan, the time will start ticking and the room's mysteries are ready to be solved! The hosts will head to a control room where they will monitor and have contact with you to help you when you face any problems or simply get stuck and need a hint to move on.

For an hour straight, you will have to use a lot of creativity and try to think outside of the box to crack all the codes and eventually stop the timer. Inside the caravan, there are no physically demanding tasks - the most important muscle is your brain. No training or preparation is required - you shall come as you are!


The year is 1974 and a family arrives to Malmö with their caravan. The family is sent by the Soviet KGB to completely undercover place a special remote-controlled nuclear bomb. A very small scaled, yet powerful bomb, with the possibility to blow up an entire city. The Soviet state actually had a secret plan to place a number of these bombs around the world, in order to control the fate of any city with only the push of a button, without any warning. But as mentioned, the plan was so far nothing but a draft.

Malmö was considered the perfect site to place the first of these caravan-disguised bombs: a poorly protected, hostile city that was at the same time an unexpected choice where the family wouldn't ever get tracked. However, the calculations were proven wrong and speculations within the undercover police of Malmö forced the family to flee back to Moscow with the first best submarine they could find. The high-risk plan of conquering the world with remote-controlled caravan bombs was eventually dropped and the case is today a part of history. The bomb caravan in Malmö was the first and last of its kind, and it was left forgotten by the family as well as the state.

This could have been the happy ending of the story, if it wasn't for the fact that the Soviet bomb engineers by accident did install a small, insignificant function that would make the bomb self-trigger exactly 50 years after losing remote contact. And quite unfortunately, it has now been 49 years, 11 months, 30 days and soon 23 hours. The bomb will blow up the entire city of Malmö if no one disarms it in time!

Your task is to get into the caravan, find the bomb and stop it from exploding before an hour has passed. Otherwise, we're screwed!


We watch players on two surveillance cameras and send hints when needed. If you get stuck or do something you're not supposed to, we are quick to tell you that you're on the wrong track. Feel free to think in different ways, that's often the key to solving the room, however it's good knowing some rules of conduct for your own safety.

Remember that you're never locked inside the caravan and that you can open the door whenever you want to. Anyway, the adventure takes place in the escape room and you don't need to leave the spot or search the neighbour's garden to succeed.

None of our objects, spaces or puzzles need to be handled by force. If you can't open a cupboard, then you probably shouldn't mind it, at least yet. Don't pull things, don't tear down things. The experience is built to be carried out without great physical forces.

A good thing to remember is that no objects needs to be used twice. One key leads to only one lock and that applies to eveything. It might be an idea to put used items to the side. This is the standard of many escape rooms, but is extra important to notice since the .

We will try helping you to solve the entire room, even if your hour may pass by too quick. It's important for us that all guests get a great experience. Afterwards, we usually take a team picture outside the caravan that you can later find in your email. If you approve, we also like to post team pictures on our social medias and here on the website.

All rules and tips are of course carefully walked through before we start, and there is plenty of time for questions and reflections. If you have any other questions about the room, read our FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions) and see if you find your answer.