Escape Husvagn


We understand if things seem unclear and you need to ask us something. But before you do that, please check out these questions and answers, or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you cannot find the answer to your question, look at the bottom of this site. There you can find our email addresses if you want to ask us something. We always want you to get the right answer!

Can you be more than three people?

We recommend a maximum of 3 people in the caravan as it can easily become crowded otherwise. If you have more people, we suggest splitting into smaller groups. If you are a single person looking to play, you can bring a friend or send us an email.

If you are interested in organizing an event, a company or family meeting, or any other larger gathering, please reach out to us, and we'll see what we can arrange. Please note that currently, there is only one caravan available for gameplay with a capacity of two to three players at a time.

What language is the room in?


The room can be played in both English and Swedish. If you prefer Swedish, you can find our entire Swedish website here. Swedish geography is a part of the room.

Is the story political in any way?


No. The story behind Escape Husvagn arose several years before today's conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and we hugely distance ourselves from actual values and deeds of the Soviet Union. The room, on the other hand, is about stopping the Soviet state's mistakes, 50 years after they were initiated, and it is a story without any truth behind it.

We chose to have this theme because of the suspense in the spy drama that took place there during the 20th century.


Can you reschedule or cancel your booking?


Yes. Send an email to and describe your case, no later than 12 o'clock the day the experience takes place. Make sure to include your booking code, which you'll get after you book. And please don't cancel your booking at the last second, so we don't prepare everything for nothing!

How do I pay if I haven't got Swish®?

If Swish® is not available, you can pay with cash upon arrival. The nearest ATM is located a kilometer away at Willys Katrinelund (Celsiusgatan 38) or Coop Kirsebergs Torg (Kirsebergs torg 7).

If you prefer to pay in a different way, you can always book through AirBnB instead. There, you have the option to pay with credit card, PayPal, or invoice, among other payment methods. Booking through AirBnB costs SEK 625 instead of SEK 500.

How long will it take?


You have a time limit of 60 minutes to succeed the room, but we plan your visit to take about 90 minutes, including preparations, toilet visits, etc.

Please be here about 10 minutes before your appointment starts, and don't be late. If you're too late we have to shorten down your visit. There could be other bookings after you and we need to have enough time to reset everything.

How to get there?


The caravan is in the driveway of Veberödsgatan 6, Malmö, nearby Friskis & Svettis Johanneslust.

The closest bus stop is Malmö Håkanstorp (a 6 minute walk away) where bus number 6, 142, 148, 174 and 175 stops. From the caravan you can bike into the center of town in about a quarter.

The closest train stop is Malmö Östervärn (a 20 minute walk away).

Is the caravan modified for disabilities?


Contact us and describe your case at The room is unfortunately not accessible with a wheelchair due to to the 70's design.

Who are behind this?


We are Malte and Samuel, two creative 18-year-olds. We have with a little help from our parents, friends and Kalmar Mediespecialist came up with the idea and designed all challenges in the caravan.

It is the two of us who drives Escape Husvagn, and it's our first business.

Are any physical skills required?


No. None of the challenges needs to be solved by violence.

Is outerwear needed in the caravan?


No. The caravan is heated during the winter months (and cooled in the summer) and we always check the temperature.

However, you are welcome to bring your outerwear inside the caravan so you could easily perform actions outside - dress after the weather! You can wear shoes during the experience.

Is it dangerous?


No. No challenge in the caravan is dangerous, only exciting. The door is never locked, and you can always leave the caravan if you want to.

Do you pay taxes?


Yes. If the income on an annual basis exceeds taxable amounts, tax will of course be paid.

Is it scary?


No. The adventure does not have any horror theme or jump scares, but it contains some surprises. During the game, suspense music is played in the background.

Do I need to bring anything?


No. We will provide you with everything you'll need to manage the room. But do remember to bring a payment method - Swish or cash - we can't accept credit cards currently. Phones are not necessary to complete the game.

It can of course be smart to dress after the weather, as the adventure starts out in garden

Can you leave valuables?


Yes. You could leave valuables inside the house if you want to. You can also bring e.g. handbags or backpacks into the caravan, since you never leave the spot.

Is there a toilet and place for strollers?


Yes. You can go to the toilet before and after the experience.

Where can I find my team photo?


After the experience we always take a team photo in front of the caravan and send it to your email address. With your consent, we also post the picture here at the website and our Facebook page.


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