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Escape Husvagn is always open for adventure - book your time or buy a gift card here


Here you can book your appointment to save Malmö in a mysterious spy story on two wheels. You can find all bookable appointments in the list "Time" here to the right! When you have filled all the fields, you will be directed to the payment page. You can also choose to pay with cash upon arrival, but unfortunately, we aren't able to recieve card payments currently. If you want to use a gift card, enter your code in the "gift code" field and choose "Pay with cash". If the code is valid, you'll be directly sent to the confirmation page.

As soon as we've noticed your booking and checked evrything, you will receive a booking confirmation via email. You can usually count on getting an answer within a couple of minutes, as the process is semi automated. If you can't pay with Swish or cash, we recommend booking through AirBnB, which offers more payment options for a slightly higher price.


We recommend playing 2 at a time, but 3 works if you're aware that it can get a little crowded. Are you a bigger group, simply divide into smaller teams and compete against each other! Are you only one person? Bring a friend our write us an email! If you want to book further appointments or organize a larger event - get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do!


SEK 500

per team


SEK 500

per team


Now you can buy stylish gift cards from Escape Husvagn! The perfect gift, christmas present or declaration of love to someone who lives with you, near you or far away from you!

You need to choose how many gift cards you want to buy, if you want them sent digitally or via snail mail (then a shipping fee of SEK 15 will be added), which message you want on the card (alternatively an empty field where you can write your own greeting), your name, e-mail address, telephone number and street address if you chose to buy physical cards. Each gift card costs SEK 500, or SEK 508 if you pay by card. This is due to a fee that is added through our payment service. We use the Stripe to receive card payments. Stripe is the market leader in secure internet payments. Read more on their website.

As soon as we've seen your purchase and checked that the payment went through, you'll receive a purchase confirmation via email. You can usually count on getting an answer within one hour. If you have chosen digital gift cards, they will be sent together with the email as pdf files. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at our e-mail address or take a look at our FAQ (frequently asked questions).

Buy the coolest and funniest gift from Escape Husvagn and invite people to a very exciting and entertaining experience! The gift card is valid for one year and contains a code that can be entered in the booking form here on the website. Remember to enter the gift code in the same format as you received it; only use uppercase letters.


You can read more about us and our experience at AirBnB. There you can find more detailed descriptions about what will happen, and what you should think about as guests. Booking the escape room via AirBnB costs 625kr, but on our website only 500kr. This is because of the service fee AirBnB provides.

Therefore, we recommend you to book via the booking form on this website. But, if you for some reason don't have the opportunity to pay by Swish or card details, you can instead pay with PayPal or by invoice if you book via AirBnB - just remember it's a little more expensive in that way.

Why are we on AirBnB? To reach out to a specific audience and find interested guests. AirBnB is a tool for both places to stay and experiences where you can find many exciting experiences, run by enthusiastic individuals.