Escape Husvagn


Come visit the world's first escape room caravan in Malmö!


A mysterious caravan with a nuclear bomb onboard has been left on a driveway in Malmö and a historic mistake puts the fate of Malmö in your hands. Escape Husvagn is an escape room with a lot of technical and aesthetic features designed by two 18-year-olds and with great feedback from those who tried! This is how it works: 

In a team of 2-3 people, you will have a story told to you, a kind of task that you will have to solve. You will have to figure out clues, find keys and codes and try to find the links between all objects you find in the caravan to succeed. But - if you fail to figure out everything in less than 1 hour, you failed the mission. Have you got what it takes to disarm the bomb?



The environment and story were superb and several moments were unique and creative, which made it the best escape room I've tried.



A very smart game, in an inspiring environment with stylish props and fun technical solutions. A nice environment with a very friendly reception.



The activity was very well organized and it was extra fun that objects fit in so well. You are never 100% sure, as there are many tracks to figure out.



A really amazing unique experience that made me so proud of doing it. Loved the story, the hosts, the challenges and the user experience.



We recommend you to play in teams of 2-3 people. The room can not be played alone. 2 players is the most optimal option, but 3 players also work if you're aware that it could be a bit crowded. All players must be at least 15 years old, or in the company of an adult.

Are you more than 2-3 players? Book multiple appointments and split up into teams.


60 min

The experience takes an hour, but you can manage to succeed faster.

However, you have a set time of
90 minutes, to be 100% sure we'll catch everything; preparation, playing time and time for questions afterwards. There may be another team coming directly after you.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time, so we have time for everything!


SEK 500

We have a fixed price (per team) regardless of what day of the week or time of the day you book. You pay on the website when you book your appointment and you don't need to bring anything to the site - more than yourselves and maybe a happy smile. On AirBnB the price is 625kr.

The payment is done in a secure way and no costs are added. You easily pay by Swish® or with card details.

Corona safe, crazy fun and clever activity
An unbelievable caravan with great puzzles
What a genius experience - so nicely done
Very exciting and well-made escape room
Recommended for everyone between 9 and 99


You are never locked in the caravan. Even though it's called an escape room, your goal is not to escape. Everything happens inside and outside of the caravan and you can open the door at any time. We want to avoid exposing you to fire and safety risks. During the game, you are being watched by us via two cameras. In this way, we can always give you clues when needed and ensure that no props are damaged. Nothing is recorded. You have access to a toilet before and after the experience. No physical strength is required, it's mostly a brain puzzle. The room is not accessible with a wheelchair.




Join us on our journey from idea to full-scale escape room via our Instagram account. Here you can also find our newest updates and photos from the caravan.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us via email or Messenger. You can also check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for even faster answers.


Veberödsgatan 6, Malmö


You'll get all the information you need in the booking confirmation but it's always good to know where the caravan is situated. We have no plans on moving it around.


We started our business during the corona year of 2020 and we therefore have experience in running an escape room through a pandemic. We have learned a lot from this and we are still today sticking to some safety routines.

We clean our sufaces and handles with disinfectant alchohol. In addition, we wash our hands frequently and provide our guests with hand sanitizer. It is important to us that all players feel safe and that the experience maintains a high hygienic standard.

The preparations takes place outdoors and the hosts don't need to enter the caravan with you in order to start the room. We no longer wear face masks. If you have any requests or questions, don't hesitate to contact us before your visit.